The power of Quake as a library for SDL

What is it?

SDL_Console is a drop down console that can be easily added to any SDL application. It is similar to Quake and other games consoles. A console gives you the ability to interact with your program in an easy way by executing predefined commands. You can also have more than one console at a time.

SDL_Console is released under the GNU/LGPL licence ( see for more information )

The project is hosted on SourceForge and can be found at




You can find the screenshots on a separate page


Future Plans

During development I have found some design bugs. It is now difficult to include SDL_console into a C++ project (it works good if you like global pointers). Right now you need a callback function that gets called when you have enterd a command. The best solution would be to rewrite the whole project in C++.

NEED HELP!! Another point is OpenGL compatibility. It works for now but it's not very fast. The plan was to make a rewrite of the console wich supports OpenGL natively by converting the current SDL_Surfaces to textures. Unfortunately I have never done OpenGL before. It would be great if someone could help me.



SDL_Console depends on the following two libraries


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